Case Studies

How Companies Prepare for ePayment Risk

The current Global pandamic caused by Covid-19 has resulted in a rise of electronic payments. In many countries cash is still King but more and more governments are implementing cashless initiatives in an effort to curb the spread of the virus. This comes with challanges for business owners, fintechs and banks.

Training as a Foundation for Continous Approach to Security

With 95% of data breaches wordwide occuring due to human error it is essential to contiunously train staff on vulnerabilities and mitigation measures. Phising attacks have seen a 400% increase as the cyber attack of choice for cyber criminals.

Regulations as a Service – The Impact of PSD2

Get a closer look at how we helped  a German fintech with there payment APIs to change their the dynamics and disrupt the financial sector with a SaaS platform by rethinking how APIs can offer regulations as a service, focusing on PSD2 as a service and GDPR as a service.


Let us train your employees on security vulnerabilities so that your business will not be compromised due to a cyber attack.

Data Leakage

Avoid loss of data due to data leakage with our API consultative knowledge.


We can help your security team with strong authetication and encryption measures for your organization.

Security Procedures

Our consultants can assist with the development or improvement of security communication and incident handling process at your organization.

Secure APIs

               We can help you to ensure that your APIs are secure and not vulnerable to attack.

Access Controls

   Let us help you to ensure that your API administrative functions are not  easily accessible without permission.

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