How Companies Prepare for ePayment Risk

How Companies Prepare for ePayment Risk

The current Global pandamic caused by Covid-19 has resulted in a rise of electronic payments. In many countries cash is still King but more and more governments are implementing cashless initiatives in an effort to curb the spread of the virus. This comes with challanges for business owners, fintechs and banks.

With the need to validate millions of payment transactions within seconds. The ever increasing partnerships between Banks and fintechs who often provide API payment gateways and whom Banks are entrusting to provide highly secured payment services products.

Making it imperative that Banks have agile ePayment risk frameworks that rely heavily on cybersercurity best practices. In addition to working closely with the internal enterprise integration team to ensure that payment APIs are being properly tested and validated. Doning due deligience on the third party payment provided to ensure that the security standards they use are in alignment with the 2019 OWASP security top 10 criteria.

At RegTheory we have successfully assisted Barclay Card in the U.K. and Berenberg Bank in Germany with API testing and consulting for payment gateways and ePayment services offered through fintechs who also serve as Third party payment providers.

Let us help your organization with accessing ePayment risk with customized training and consulting.



Let us train your employees on security vulnerabilities so that your business will not be compromised due to a cyber attack.

Data Leakage

Avoid loss of data due to data leakage with our API consultative knowledge.


We can help your security team with strong authetication and encryption measures for your organization.

Security Procedures

Our consultants can assist with the development or improvement of security communication and incident handling process at your organization.

Secure APIs

              We can help you to ensure that your APIs are secure and not vulnerable to attack.

Access Controls

    Let us help you to ensure that your API administrative functions are not  easily accessible without permission.

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