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  We Help With Cyber Protection 

                       with cyber threats evolving and becoming more pervasive it is important to                                           to have cyber protection measures in place. We help our clients with protection through our Security training workshops.


Threat Modeling Workshop

Learn how to protect organizations from common cyber attacks and vulnerabilities. In this workshop we take delegates through business continuity /disaster recovery by providing real world scenarios demonstrating what it will be like if the organization is compromised due to cyber attack.

Security Awareness Training

In this training we cover security threats that your staff should be aware of and how to mitigate these risk. Delegates learn how to identify cyber risk associated with phishing and malicious malware.

API Security Workshop

We assist organizations in understanding there cyber resilience and security architecture. This training workshop focuses on understanding, documenting, and examples on managing security risk. Each component of the workshop provides areas of discussion, demonstrations and examples.

Non-Technical Training

In this training we administer security fundamentals for your non-technical staff.  In order for organizations to be wholly secure everyone in the organization should have security awareness knowledge in order to be proactive to security threats.

Customized Security Training

Organizations have unique security challenges. Facing varying threats from a multitude of sources. We provide customized security training to assist organizations with there security needs based on the needs and requirements of the business.


We Serve a Variety of Businesses & Industries

With the explosive growth of Internet of Things within every industry, coupled with the steady rise in usage of mobile devices and applications. Organizations must not only ensure the security of APIs developed in house but of the security and interoperability of third-party APIs integrated into the business. RegTheory is an African based security firm helping businesses to overcome security challenges.

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