RegTheory Reduces Cyber Risk & Builds Human Capital with Cybersecurity & Compliance Training for the Enterprise  

Cybersecurity & Regulatory Modules Powered by AI and Machine Learning

Offering creative disruption to financial institutions in the form of a gamification learning platform powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing. Providing financial professionals with curated competency based content. 


In order to ensure international compliance with AML/CFT, hands-on knowledge development is essential. In this module the learner will identify suspicious cases, understand the root cause and how to handle security risk. 

Data protection

GDPR, PSD2, and BASEL II are just some of the directives and policies that govern how companies handle data and the movement of data. In this module the learner will discover how the directives can impact the organization and what measures to take to ensure compliance.

$80 billion is Spent on Regulation Each Year 

Regulatory Technology or RegTech  according to the Bank of England allows for real time and proportionate regulation that identifies risk and enables more efficient compliance. RegTheory is a RegTech company offering white label cybersecurity and compliance training solutions to Financial Institutions, Banks and FinTech’s.

Knowledge Gaps

Financial professionals do not understand the imposed regulation or how they should be applied.

Lack of knowledgeable experts to train financial professionals in the area of regulatory complaince and cybersecurity specifically in financial services.

Legacy and outdated regulations being applied to emerging technologies utilized by FinTech’s in the digital economy.

Regulators and governments lack understanding of the rate in which technology based companies grow and scale.

Cyber Threats on the Rise

In 2018 the median cost for cyber attacks to financial institutions amounted to $369,000 per institutions. With over 65% of Financial services experience a direct cyber attack. In order to mitigate cyber threats RegTheory tackles the knowledge gap within financial services by equipping financial professionals with cybersecurity and regulatory skill-sets to reduce security risk and enable effective risk management using human intellectual capital.



RegTheory Products

Cybersecurity and regulatory skills training for Financial Services in the areas of Cybersecurity, Anti Money Laundering, Countering Financial Terrorissim, Data Protection, PSD2 and more. 

Empowering businesses to be proactive to Cyber threats rather than Reactive

In order to ensure international compliance with AML/CFT, it is important to continue to learn and grow in the financial sector through continuous learning and hands-on knowledge development of the every changing policies for AML/CFT.