Continuous Approach to  Security

Businesses are  interconnected globally requiring organizations to keep up with the constant changes in technology and the ever increasing security threats that emerge. Requiring a continuous approach to security. We help our customers be proactive rather then reactive to cyber risk through training workshops, API testing and Consultancy services.

RegTheory Academy

Access cybersecurity, API security and Risk courses to build your career path, refresh skills you already have, or learn new skills. Our flexible memberships allow you full access to the learning content you need!


Security Awareness

 whilecGuiding organizations in the reduction of Cyber Risk whie building human capital with Cybersecurity & API Security Training for the enterprise.

Guiding organizations in the reduction of cyber risk while building human capital with Cybersecurity & API Security Training for the enterprise.


Security Consulting

With 20 years of experience in cybersecurity, API development, and software engineering we have the expertise to guide your organization on international best practices for API development, versioning, third-party integration and security.


Are there strong authetication and encryption  measures in place within your organization?

Secure APIs

Do you know if the data your company handles has the proper security configurations?

Access Controls

Can your API administrative functions be easily accessed without permission?

Security Procedures

Is there a robust security communication and incident handling process at your organization?

Data Leakage

Do you know if your API, website, or IP address is leaking data?


Have your employee’s compromised your business unknownly due to a phishing attack?

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